Event Set Designing


Set Designing and Styling

Turning Stones’ has the best art design team which carefully analyzes the theme and atmosphere for the event and creates beautiful set designs for the events. We work on not only the event stage design, but also on the styling of the complete event venue whether it is inside or outside the premises. We shall provide you multiple stage design & event theme choices for your event including the structure of the stage, audio-visual choices for the event and lighting choices from which you can chose your preferred styling.

Our expert team of professionals shall not only work on providing you the best design & styling choices, but also work on producing the design sets with the best and strongest materials & deliver it for the event. For us, building the set of your imagination is only a matter of your own choice. Once you give us the go ahead, we use beautiful and stunning visual media, fine art skills & colorful imagery to build the most beautiful set designs for your event. All our stages are tried and tested for safety and your guests witness the best set designs with the highest safety standards ensured.


  • Event Theme Discussion & Planning

First our team discusses the event theme with the clients and assesses the vision of the client and their budget.

  • Event Stage Design, Samples & Sketches

The art design team of Turning stones then works to conceptualize and draw the designs most suitable for the particular event. We then provide sample designs and photographs to the client for their consideration.

  • Approval of the Client

Once the client selects one or more designs, we discuss the finer details with the client and decide on the final design based on client’s decision.

  • Event Set Creation

The design approved by the client is brought to life by our production team by rendering the exact stage design through materials such as high strength industrial alloys, handicraft wood-work and digital audio-visual components.

  • Safety Tests of the Stage & Complete Event Set

After producing the stage and assembling it at the event venue, our expert event production team tests the same for all safety aspects and approves of the same if everything is perfect.

  • Delivery of the Stage

After all the due processes, the stage is cleared by the event production team of Turning Stones and given go ahead for the conduction of the event.




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