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Turning Stones is one of the best companies in India for Event Publicity and have been successfully organizing publicity events for clients throughout India. Regardless of the nature of your event, its success will largely depend on promotion. Promotion is vital in creating awareness of the event, a desire to participate, and a feeling by the potential participant that the investment of time and money validates the benefits the event offers.

Proper event publicity ensures that your event is known and visible to your target audiences. A good publicity campaign ensures that there is desired brand awareness and exposure among the target event audience about your event.


  • Building Awareness

A well publicized events makes the target audiences aware about your brand and builds curiosity among the public. Turning stones marketing department has some of the best marketers in India who can guarantee the success of your publicity campaign.

  • Establishing Trust

Everyone likes to associate with brands and events they trust. Turning Stones’ publicity services ensure that your event is visible everywhere and has a positive image in public mindset, and that will help you a lot in getting a good response from public.

  • Enhance Brand Image Through Event Publicity

By a thorough publicity plan, you can ensure that a very positive image is built about your brand and your event. Turning Stones has an extensive experience in brand image promotion.

  • Get Sponsorship for Event

A well publicized event shows a lot of value to the potential sponsors. If your event has a good profile in terms of offline and online event publicity, your potential sponsors shall see a lot of value in your event and shall be eager to sponsor your event. Please see our SPONSORSHIP MANAGEMENT services page for more details.

  • Selling More Tickets for Event

If you are selling tickets for your event, then it becomes even more important for you to market your event properly. Please see our EVENT TICKETING page for more details on how Turning stones can help you sell more tickets.


  • Online Publicity through social media and apps.
  • Publicity through hoardings and banners.
  • Publicity through posters and flyers distributed to the right channels.
  • Publicity through celebrity endorsements.
  • Publicity through paid placements on YouTube videos and other media properties.
  • Advertisements on internet and television media.
  • Event Publicity through other event tie-ups.
  • Event Publicity through ticketing sites.
  • Viral Publicity of the events.



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